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Mendham NJ K-8; Morristown HS 9-12; Swarthmore PA (BA Philosophy):

U of Penn MD graduate; neuro psychiatry clerkship at Queen Square National Hospital, London

Medical/Psychiatric internship at Albany NY Medical Center

Residence: Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse NY

ABPN American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology certified

Clinical Practice:

Solo: Cambridge MA, Sharon Springs NY  treatment, second-opinion, consultation

terms: no involuntary commitment; no third party contact without written consent, cash, Paypal, barter

Locum Tenens: New Hampshire, New York, California, Pennsylvania, New Zealand

       multi-state and nation practice in diverse locations


Dante in Dannemora (April 2004) prison/prison1.pdf  OMH Psychiatric Satellite Unit at Clinton Maximum Security Prison, Dannemora, NY

Snakepit in Eden: The Darkside of Sunnyside 1994. ChristChurch, New Zealand hospitals/darkside.pdf

Psychiatric Training and Involuntary Commitment  Journal of Psychiatry & Law 11(1):41-53, Spring 1983. Syracuse, NY training/training.pdf 

Corpora Insana at Metrocal 1980. Los Angeles, CA hospitals/metrocal.pdf

Psychiatrists, State Hospitals, and Civil Rights NYS Journal of Medicine 80(12):1873-1877, Nov.1980; [rejoinder] 81(5):725-6, April 1981. Utica NY. hospitals/psychiatrists.pdf


Apotropaics and Cow Chips: CD ROM on the Range Computers in Human Behavior: 10(4):605-607, 1994. Sharon Springs NY range/range1.htm


Medicine and Mental Illness <  ITIS - Medical Committee for Human Rights (U of P Chapter) v1(2): April 1967, Albany NY 1966  hardswallow.pdf 

Echopraxic Psychiatry and Adult Autism  epaa.pdf

Class Act: Theory vs. Survivors The Psychiatric Times 9(5):52, May 1992. Sharon Springs essays/class.pdf

A Telling Moment The Psychiatric Times 14(5), May 1997. Sharon Springs . telling moment.pdf

Let Freedom Sting: War, Peace, and Psychiatry 1991. Sharon Springs essays/sting.htm

Case Reports

Twilight Zone: Ictal Nystagmus and Paroxetine 2006. Ventura, CA. twilight.pdf

The Man Who Would Jump Out of His Skin 2005. Johnstown, PA. jumpyskin.pdf

Dextromethorphan Psychosis 1993. Oneonta, NY. cases/case1.pdf

Aphasia and Incapacitation: Ganser Syndrome in an Adolescent Female 1986, Oneonta, NY  clinic/ganser.pdf


International Abuse of Psychiatry- APA Committee Professional Ethics 1998, Sharon Springs NY downunder.pdf

 Public Comments

ECT: Safety and Efficacy of ElectroConvulsiveTherapy Jan. 2011!documentDetail;D=FDA-2010-N-0585-0161


2009 reissue of 1971 classic

Suicides Anonymous: Liberty at Death's Door   sa23.pdf

web only special:

In 1641 John Humfrey departed New England, leaving his young daughters behind. Who knew then what trials lay ahead?

"this family Secretly Polluted"

John Humfrey and Company


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